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    There has been a lot of confusion on an initial coin offering (ICO — also sometimes called a token generation or token sale), what kinds of companies an ICO can be used for, and what goes into launching an ICO — from a project’s perspective.

    Disclaimer: this is not to be constructed as investment or legal advice, but rather meant as a template to show the process behind as ICO.
    Given the blockchain industry is new to launch, there is not a whole lot of information on the topic and new ICO, teams are learning best practices on what to do. Below is a guide of all of the information we collected about the ICO Process with input from people who experienced the process.

    Contents:Pre planning
    Planning (Token, White Paper, Website, Communication etc)
    Before the ICO.
    After the ICO
    Running the project by process.

    Pre-planning  :

    The biggest two questions about:
    What is the purpose of the token?
    Are you sure you want an ICO?


    1. What is the purpose of the token?
    2. What function or utility does it perform?
    3. Is the token absolutely necessary?
    4. Why does your project need to be on the blockchain?
    5. Can you describe a viable economic model behind it?

    ICO (initial offering planning) An ICO is fundamentally different from raising money through VC’s or other traditional means.On one-hand, you are selling future usage of your platform (not giving up equity). On the other-hand, you are becoming a public company on day one. You’ll have a huge community, you’ll need to manage post-ICO, and you need to make sure you want to deal with this burden beforehand.
    Everything you do and all the actions you take will be reflected in the price of the token.

    Your team will get non-stop, multiple times a day, with questions about the price of your token. All of your internal team discussions will likely be pushed publicly.

    1. There will be great stress in trying to build things that are long-term valuable vs. short-term valuable.
    2. If your product isn’t open sourced already, there will be a huge backlash to become completely open sourced. There is a strong expectation that many blockchain projects are open-sourced projects.
    3. In general, cryptocurrency projects are way more public/transparent than typical startups, or even traditional public companies.
    4. In general, good blockchain projects look and function much more like open-source software projects vs. traditional tech businesses. You and your team will have to decide both whether your application makes sense to be built on a blockchain + you want to operate as a transparent and open company.


    Once you are ready and committed to doing an ICO, the core components in planning are deciding on the offering, whitepaper, token design, legal, precautions against the inevitable hackers, and being prepared for communication (website, slack, social, press, interviews, etc).


    The most important question is: How much do you want to raise? & Why?

    The second most important question is: What do you want to accomplish with the particular distribution method you are choosing?

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