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    EOS blockchain

    EOS Blockchain Development

    In BR INFOTECH We develop secure smart contracts, mobile dApps, web dApps on EOS blockchain development as platform, tailored to meet your business requirements. EOS is a blockchain protocol powered by a cryptocurrencies, blockchain, IOS marketing and IOS services. Our team can helpfully create decentralized.

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    EOS Blockchain Development for Decentralized Applications

    With experience in dApp development, our EOS Blockchain Development Team can build and deploy scalable applications that can scale to millions of transactions in a second. Our EOS Blockchain Developers can quickly identify off-chain and on-chain entities, data storage requirements, hosting infrastructure requirements, microservices, interfaces and third-party integrations for any business use-case.

    Our EOS Blockchain Development Services



    We assess the potential of blockchain for your business use cases and examine how the technology solution can leverage the benefits of the EOS blockchain platform.


    dapps development

    We develop scalable and secure dApps on EOS blockchain platform for both private and public blockchain networks, customized to your business requirements. We build decentralized apps with secure application processing, industry-leading speed and role-based permissions

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    Smart Contracts Development

    We develop EOS based smart contracts that are required to present “executable actions” and run contract specific operations for different purposes, including escrows, voting, real estate brokerage, healthcare records and social media.


    Wallets and Decentralized Exchanges

    Our team of EOS Blockchain Developers builds multi-signature wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEX) and escrow-based dApps that run independently of authority or corporation.


    Smart Contracts Audit

    Our EOS Blockchain Developers understand that inefficiencies and security flaws in deployed smart contracts can be costly. Our team ensures to identify threats at every step to offer a high level of security.

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    Token and Asset Issuance Contracts

    Our EOS Blockchain Developers have the expertise to issue tokens, create custom bounty programs, design and develop smart contracts and manage users and investors on the platform.