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EVOAI is the next generation trading engine that will empower users of all experience levels, from beginners to professionals, to earn income from the blockchain. The platform will do this by offering users the opportunity to participate in a multitude of trading systems, from passive-income automated arbitrage pools for beginners to AI powered signals and advanced manual trading bots for professionals. EVOAI is the front-runner in the democratization of the blockchain. In just a few years the cryptocurrency market has already been through multiple booms and busts, with Bitcoin itself seeing 13 major corrections or crashes. Some coins have increased in value by multiples of thousands only to see values suffer drastic falls. At this stage cryptocurrency is similar to the gold rush days of the Wild West of the 1800s America. At the top of the crashes there have been some platforms that have either ‘gone bust’ or ‘scammed out.’ The most famous case was BitConnect, which at its peak has a market cap of $2.7bn in early January 2018, and within two weeks had shed 95% of its value and ceased its previous operations after officials alleged it was a Ponzi scheme.

Available in : Node.js, Express.js, moment.js, mongoDB, EJS-Template.

Available for :


API Access, The one stop Intelligent Trading Hub.
Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Sales Management, Ledger, Accounts, Full Reporting, Dynamic Dashboard, Online based, Device Responsive and many more .
Invest your chosen ERC20 token into a pool and receive profits from every swap.


Instantly convert your profits into your chosen ERC20 token.

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