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Address: 2nd Floor, MPSEDC-STP Building, Electronics Complex, Pardeshipura, Indore 452010, India

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Our furniture store is stocked with sustainable furniture imported from 15 different countries from all over the world, including Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Morocco, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, and the Ivory Coast. We are a proud member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, and are famous for our stock of eco-friendly furnishings, made from sustainable materials such as antique recycled pillars and railroad wood ties, old wood from merchant ships and other interesting finds. We are also proud to bring you unique, one of a kind antiques from all over the world, offering an ever-changing treasure trove of riches for you to discover.

Available in: Wowonder, PHP, WordPress.
Available for: Furniture – Ecommerce, Social Media, Nyasowi.


Online Marketing.
Online Chatting.
Profile Upload.
Upload Own Blogs.
Show / Hide Mutual Friends.
Sell furniture Products.

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